Relearning The Ancient Mastery Of
Those Natural Resources Around Us.
Today we have forgotten much that was
known.  Yet, around the world, curious
minds and active hands are once again
learning to practice many of the ancient
skills, such as flint knapping.
Somewhere, every day, the sounds of
stone against stone, bone against stone,
even soft metal against stone, ring out
across the land.
For those who are again learning to use
these ancestral skills, the satisfaction
gained from a successful, intentional
stone fracture, from a blow well struck, is
both rewarding and captivating.  If we can
do it once, surely we can repeat the effort,
with equal success.  That is indeed the
challenge.  And the joy.
And, just like the ancients, we find
ourselves seeking out unusual and
beautiful stone with which to work.  The
human spirit still takes pride and glory
from both the wonder of the stone and
the skill of the work.  The combination of
growing, skilled craftsmanship and the
natural beauty of the material reveals
both the soul of the stone and the heart
of the stone breaker.
Flint Knapping ... Stone Age Craftsmanship In The Space Age
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Spear and Lance Points made by F. Scott Crawford, flint knapper and webmaster of this website, and of  He is also the author and
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Obsidian Spear and Lance Points by
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Several Paleo-Indian Scottsbluff style lance points -- Agate -- 2005 A.D.
Paleo-Indian and Archaic style blades and point -- Keokuk chert from Oklahoma -- 2006 A.D.
This group of points
features the
"Scottsbluff" style
lance point style
developed during the
Paleo Indian period,
which continued in
use into the early
Archaic period.  They
were used to hunt
large game across
the Great Plains, from
the Rocky Mountains
east to the
Appalachians, from
Canada south to
Texas.  These were
made in 2005 A.D.
from heat treated
Brazilian agate.
This collection of "Paleo-Indian" and "Archaic" period style spear points and knife blades
represents a few days work with "Keokuk Chert" from northeastern Oklahoma.  The
spalled and heat-treated stone was provided by Craig Ratzat of from his
quarry. These were all made in 2006 A.D.
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Copyright 2008, All rights reserved.
F. Scott Crawford
Carrollton, Texas
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