Pressure Flaking With Copper Tipped Hand Tool
Once You Have Your General Shape
Trimmed Out From The Stone Flake,
You Are Almost Ready To Begin
Removing Small Chips Along The Edge.  
This Multi-Step Process  Of Trimming
And Pressure Flaking, Trimming And
Pressure Flaking, Will Be Repeated As
You Move Patiently And Steadily To The
Point Your Have In Mind.
Supporting the flake on a leather pad,
holding the piece in place with two or
three fingers, you are ready to begin
pressing off chips from the bottom
surface of the flake.  The first chip should
be removed at or near the tip of the point.  
The force of your pressure should
basically parallel the face of the flake,
aimed toward the center line of the piece.  
Press the pointed tip of your tool against
the roughened edge and push a new chip
off of the bottom face of the flake.  It takes
a bit of pressure, against the edge, not
against the face of the flake.  You have
now made the first chip removal.  Your
objective is a chip which runs to or
beyond the centerline of the rough point.  
Many times the first chip may be short, but
it will produce an edge along which your
next chip or flake will travel more easily.
For the second flake, move a little ways
down along the edge and repeat the
pressure process, overlapping the
previous flake scar a little, so that the next
flake will run along the ridge left by the
first.  Continue to remove additional
flakes in progression towards the base of
the point.  Once you have worked your
way along one edge, then work along the
other edge on the same surface of the
arrowhead.  At this point you have what is
known as a unifacially worked arrowhead.
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Unifacial means chipped on just one side.
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