The Gunther style arrowhead is just
one of several varieties of points used
by the Northwestern tribes over the
centuries since the bow and arrow
were introduced some 1500 years ago.
Found across northern California,
western and central Oregon, and
southern Washington along the
Columbia River gorge, there are a
number of recognized varieties of
Gunther arrowhead.  These fascinating
points offer several points of
instruction and challenge to a modern
student of arrowhead making.
These dramatically designed small
arrowheads are sometimes said to be
barbed to serve as harpoon-like arrows
for hunting large fish, yet many have also
been found in the forested mountain and
foothill areas where they were used
effectively in hunting large and small
game animals, too.  
They were made from colorful types of
quartz such as agate, jasper and petrified
wood, as well as volcanic materials such
as basalt and obsidian.  The serrations
along the blade of the Gunther points
exhibit a greater degree of discipline and
craftsmanship than some other
Northwest arrowheads, such as the
Calapooya points, many of which seem to
be almost wildly serrated.  Either way, the
serrations serve as effective cutting
devices upon the arrowhead's impact into
a game target, and also serve as a
self-sharpening feature of the arrowhead.
With its needle point and serrated edges,
the Gunther point is both dangerous and
Look at this selection of Gunther points
found in northern California in the 1950's
and 1960's.  The pattern held in common
by all the different knappers is clearly
seen in these arrowheads.  From the
needle tips, to the serrated blade edges,
to the wide and deep base notches; the
design was clearly followed in the
knapping of each one of these points.
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6 examples of a northern California variety of Gunther Arrowheads
Modern made Gunther style points compared to Gunther arrowheads from northern California
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