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A wide variety of Arrowheads, Spear, Lance and Dart Points, made by
F. Scott Crawford, flint knapper and webmaster of this website, is
available for your consideration at  He is
also the author and publisher of the copyrighted, featured instructional
"How To Make Your Own ARROWHEAD".  

We also offer our Beginner's Flint Knapping Kit, which brings you the
fully illustrated instruction brochure, two different kinds of
copper-tipped and deer antler tine pressure flaking tools, a leather pad
to cushion the stone pieces while you work on it, and 18 flakes of
obsidian and flint the right size for making arrowheads.  The
Beginner's Knapping Kit is available for $49.95, plus $7.20 Priority
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Several Obsidian Flakes & Arrowheads Made From The Flakes
With Your Point Design In Mind,
Then You Remove All Of The
Stone Which Does Not Look
Like Your Arrowhead!
Whether you want to make an
arrowhead from a flake of stone
like obsidian, shown here, or
from a flake of flint or chert, the
general process is the same.  
First you trim away the very thin
edges around the stone, with
the intent of approximating the
shape of the point you have in
mind.  Trimming away the thin
part protects your hands from
the extremely sharp edges while
it speeds up the ultimate
shaping process by removing
material fairly quickly.  It also
makes the first thick edge which
you will prepare for pressure
flaking with an antler tine or
other flaking tool, such as a
copper tipped pressure flaker.
next page in this web site
illustrates the pressure flaking
process used to shape and
then sharpen an arrowhead.
And be sure you order our How
To  publication:  
"How To Make

available today for just
postpaid.  It provides the
completely described and
photo-illustrated processes
which can be used to make your
own arrowhead.
Making An Arrowhead Often Begins With A Flake Or Chip Of Stone
How To Make Your Own ARROWHEAD ... $9.95 ... Order Yours Today
How To Make Your Own
by F. Scott Crawford
Copyright 2008.  All rights reserved.
$9.95 postpaid.  Order
Your Copy Today!
The Rough Side of The Flakes
Arrowheads and Dart Points by
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Copyright 2008, All rights reserved.
F. Scott Crawford
Carrollton, Texas
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How To Make Your Own Arrowheads
~ Working With Blade Cores ~
Twenty pages, with over 60 photographs
covering every step of the process to make a
small arrowhead.  From making blades from a
core to final notching and sharpening.  
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How To Make Your Own ARROWHEADS -- Working With Blade Cores
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instruction book:
 "How To
Make Your Own
Arrowheads ~ Working
With Blade Cores ~ "
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