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Polka Dot Agate and Gemfield Jasper Spear and Lance Points made by F. Scott Crawford, flint knapper and
webmaster of this website, and of  He is
the author and publisher of the featured instructional publication:  
"How To Make Your Own ARROWHEAD".  
Jasper and Agate Lance and Dart Points by
I appreciate the opportunity to share my
craft with intelligent and curious people
around the world who are interested in
preserving one of the important skills of
the past and in enjoying the beauty of the
natural stone materials utilized by our
ancestors for many thousands of years in
all corners of the world.  And always I am
thankful to my teachers and mentors who
have been so helpful along the way.
F. Scott Crawford, Carrollton, Texas
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How To Make Your Own
by F. Scott Crawford
Copyright 2008.  All rights reserved.
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Paleo-Indian Scottsbluff style lance point -- Agate -- 2005 A.D.
Scottsbluff Spear Point, 2005 A.D.
Here is a Paleo-Indian "Scottsbluff"
spear point, made of Brazilian agate in
2005 A.D.  Fine pressure flaking for
the final sharpening and shaping.  
6-1/8" x 15/16".  
#FSC-16B  $125.00,
includes shipping by Priority Mail and
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Copyright 2008, All rights reserved.
F. Scott Crawford
Carrollton, Texas
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