About Our Points And Blades ... Made By The Ancient Techniques Of Flint Knapping
Obsidian Lance and Dart Points by StoneBreaker-FSC.net
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Arrowheads, Lance and Dart Points made by F. Scott Crawford, flint knapper and webmaster of this website,
www.ARROWHEAD-MakeYourOwn.com and of www.StoneBreaker-FSC.net.  He is also the author and
publisher of the copyrighted, featured instructional publication:  
"How To Make Your Own ARROWHEAD".  
Each stone tool available through the pages of  
www.ARROWHEAD-MakeYourOwn.com and
www.StoneBreaker-FSC.net and
www.StoneBreaker-FSC.com is produced with
detailed attention to neolithic styles, methods
and craftsmanship.  They are all hand made
from authentic original materials; and each one
is provided to you at a fair price.  Plus, every
piece is shipped fully insured.  
No aboriginal persons or wild animals were
harmed in the making of these tools.
The world wide web has made wide spread
connections to top quality stone more
readily available than ever was dreamed of
by the ancient, foot weary practitioners of
this fascinating craft.
It also makes available to the student a
wonderful range of teachers and mentors,
who are dedicated to making certain that the
hard-won skills which have been
rediscovered by chance, study and
experimentation over the past century or so
are not soon lost.  
This "New Stone Age" renaissance is
vibrant and growing, born of eternal curiosity
and undying respect.  It recognizes the debt
all "modern" human life ways owe to the
equally intelligent, curious and creative
generations who have gone before.
Here's How You Can Now Collect Many Of
The Original Ancient Stone Tool Designs.
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How To Make Your Own
by F. Scott Crawford
Copyright 2008.  All rights reserved.
$9.95 postpaid.  Order
Your Copy Today!
We also offer our Beginner's Flint
Knapping Kit
, which brings you the fully
illustrated instruction brochure, two
different kinds of copper-tipped and
deer antler tine pressure flaking tools,
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for making arrowheads.  The
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Paleo-Indian Clovis style spear point -- Midnight Lace Obsidian -- 2004 A.D.
"Clovis" Style Lance or Spear Point --
2004 A.D.
"Paleo-Indian" period Clovis style lance
or spear point or knife blade.  Western
style; the base fluting is performed after
most of the shaping has been
completed with percussion, but before
the final shaping and sharpening with
pressure retouch flaking is performed.  
Front flute extends to 2-3/4" from base,
back flute to 2-1/2".  6-5/8" x 2-7/16".  
Made of "Midnight Lace" Obsidian from
Glass Buttes, Oregon.  Knapped in
2004 A.D.  
The Largest Collection of Modern Lithic Art for Sale and Show!
Click this image to link to www.StoneBreaker-FSC.net
Copyright 2008, All rights reserved.
F. Scott Crawford
Carrollton, Texas
Set of 4 Gunther Serrated and Barbed style points--made 2009--3 of Arkansas novaculite and 1 of Texas Edwards Plateau flint
Gunther Style Serrated & Barbed Arrowheads.  
Set of 4 -- 2009 A.D.
Set of 4 wickedly serrated "Pre-Historic" Pacific
Northwest arrowheads.  
Gunther style points,
with sweeping barbs, constricting base notches,
narrow tangs.  3 are translucent and opaque
white Novaculite from Arkansas, and 1 is grey
Texas Edwards Plateau Flint.  Made in 2009
A.D.  1-1/8" to 1-1/2" long, and 5/8" to 7/8" wide.  
#FSC-2009E-F-G-H  $75.00, includes Priority Mail
and insurance.  To order, click on this
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