Here is our new, fully illustrated guide:  
How To Make Your Own Arrowheads
~ Small Point Pressure Flaking ~
Twenty pages, with over 60 photographs
covering every step of the process to make a
small arrowhead.  From initial trimming and
thinning to final notching and sharpening.  
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Arrowheads and Dart Points by
If Making Flint Arrowheads Was So Easy, How Did The Cavemen Do it?  And Can I Do It, Too?
For Many Thousands Of Years People
Made All Their Tools Of Stone, Wood
And Bone.  If You Have Ever Found Or
Seen A Flint, Stone Or Obsidian
Arrowhead, Did You Ever Wonder If
You Could Make A Stone Point Or
Knife That Would Be Equally Useful
To A Hungry Hunter?
Now, it is easy to learn how to make a
stone arrowhead.  All you need to know to
make a workable, sharp arrowhead has
been put together in clearly written,
easy-to-understand detail, in
"How To
Make Your Own ARROWHEAD"
.  The
complete written instructions also provide
an extensive series of detailed, close-up
photographic illustrations of every step in
the process.  In addition, the copyrighted,
magazine-sized instructional publication
also provides photographs of a selection
of ancient arrowheads, reproduced at
their actual size, so you can see the
variety of shapes and styles which were
used by native peoples in North America.  
Those same classic arrowheads are
shown greatly enlarged, so you can easily
see the detail of the point designs and
the quality of craftsmanship employed by
the native knappers.  It's easy and quick
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A selection of Arrowheads, Lance and Dart Points made
by F. Scott Crawford, flint knapper and webmaster of this
website, and of  He is also the author and
publisher of the copyrighted, featured instructional
"How To Make Your Own ARROWHEAD".

We also offer our
Beginner's Flint Knapping Kit, which
brings you the fully illustrated instruction brochure, two
different kinds of copper-tipped and deer antler tine
pressure flaking tools, a leather pad to cushion the stone
pieces while you work on it, and 18 flakes of obsidian and
flint the right size for making arrowheads.  The
Knapping Kit
is available for $49.95, plus $7.20 Priority
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F. Scott Crawford
Carrollton, Texas
Beginner's Kit ... $19.95
It is easy when you know the
5 or 6 basic steps.  You can
learn in less than an hour.  
"It's so easy that the cavemen
did it" ... for thousands of years.

  • 18 obsidian and flint flakes;
  • Copper tipped flaking tool;
  • Deer antler tine flaking tool;
  • Leather hand pad;
  • Complete instructions with
    guide photos.
Make Your Own Flint Or
Obsidian Arrowhead!
Beginner's Flint Knapping KIT:  $49.95, plus
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How To Make Your Own ARROWHEAD ... $9.95 ... Order Today
How To Make Your Own
by F. Scott Crawford
Copyright 2008.  All rights reserved.
The Largest Collection of Modern Lithic Art for Sale and Show!
Click this image to link to
Learn How To Make Your Own "Gunther" Style
Western Arrowhead.
Our newest web site, shows you the major steps used in the
making of the famous "Gunther" style arrowheads, which are found in northern
California, western Oregon and southern Washington state.  The web site also shows a
number of authentic ancient arrowheads, so you can see the varieties of the Gunther
and other similar arrowheads which are found.  To visit just
click on this linked text or on this photograph.  A separate browser window will be
opened so you can see  The web site also offers in
hard-copy, the complete set of printed instructions and photographs for the making of
the Gunther style arrowheads.
Learn to make your own Gunther style arrowhead --
To read an informative and thoroughly photo illustrated
all about the annual knapping workshops which
were held at
Oregon's Glass Buttes volcano, a source of
obsidian for thousands of years, click on this photograph.  
The report will open in a different window for you to read.  
To order the 32-page full color, soft cover printed book:  
OBSIDIAN ~ A Glass Buttes Adventure", just $14.95,
plus $2.50 postage, click on this Paypal Buy Now button:
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Read about making arrowheads, and lots of other
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work through the whole process over time.  FSC
To download a free digital
copy of the copyrighted
instruction book:
 "How To
Make Your Own
Arrowheads ~ Small Point
Pressure Flaking ~ "
simply click on this image of
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instructions.  You will be
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How To Make Your Own ARROWHEADS
~ Small Point Pressure Flaking ~

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above, to watch now:

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Link to VIDEO -- Smaller Format
Link to How To Make Your Own ARROWHEADS - Small Point Pressure Flaking -- watch the video now
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